November 1, 2010

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The Marijane Singer Artist In Residency Program

In honor of Marijane Singer, the museum’s recently deceased director of 25 years, we are renaming our world renowned artist residency program as:
The Marijane Singer Artist In Residency Program at the Blauvelt Museum. Mrs. Singer – devoted to promoting the cultural value of wildlife art and educating the public on the need for conserving wildlife and its habitats – is credited with enhancing the museum’s reputation around the world!

The Blauvelt, located in Oradell, New Jersey, is one of only 5 museums in the United States that exclusively display the marvels of wildlife and their environments. Since its opening in 1957, its artistic treasures have engaged and inspired generations of visitors from every corner of the earth. In 1985, The Blauvelt enhanced its appeal to wildlife artists and to the general public, by establishing an Artist-In-Residency program – complete with a furnished home and studio on museum property, artist supplies, and educational events and visitations with schools and conservation groups, promoting the artists’ painting and drawing techniques.

Blauvelt’s artists-in-residency include internationally known wildlife painters and illustrators – among them, current resident Guy Combes and previous residents, Dwayne Harty, Geordie Millar, and Terry Miller. Marijane Singer’s reputation for tireless volunteerism and visionary work, on behalf of wildlife art and habitat conservation, is synonymous with a name that will serve to heighten the international appeal of the artist-in-residency program and cement the Blauvelt’s enduring legacy as one of the world’s premiere museums of its kind!

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