August 1, 2011

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New Aquison for Permanent Collection

The two pieces, “Running Tiger II” and “Foxfire II” are original oils that will be displayed permanently in the museum. “We are excited about owning these works from Guy Coheleach, as we continue to preserve the legacy of Hiram Blauvelt.” James Bellis, Board President.

Guy Coheleach’s is known as one of the best wild animal painters in the world, revered for the authenticity of his work – developed through his travels in Africa – and admired by the best art critics.

Guy Coheleach’s paintings have received the Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence an unprecedented eight times. This most prestigious honor is awarded by curators and professors of fine art from museums and universities across America. Coheleach has had one-man exhibitions at major museums in 23 cities from New York to Los Angeles.

The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh hosted his retrospective exhibition in 1995 and the Newark Museum hosted it in 1996. Along with more than a hundred one-man commercial shows in various cities, his work has also been exhibited in the National Collection of Fine Art, The White House, The Corcoran Gallery, and the Royal Ontario Museum. Visiting Heads of State have received his American Eagle print, and he was the first Western artist to exhibit it in Peking after World War II.

We encourage artists, the community, and families looking for visual treats of enrichment, to stop by the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum and tour the works of Guy Coheleach and other fascinating wild life art. Visit the museum’s website at to preview upcoming events and museum hours.