Elizabeth Pollie

"Ring Them Bells"


24" x 24"


Simmental Cow

In many European countries, before you ever see cattle, you will hear them. The sound of cowbells pervades the air. This music travels down the mountains and through the valleys. As the herds move placidly through the meadows, they will always tell you where they are as the rhythm of their bodies sends each bell into motion. This piece is not just about one cow. It is telling the story of a long- standing tradition. The places where cows are free to roam far and wide. Animals are still tended by shepherds during the summer months until they are brought down the mountains to winter in the family barns. Having traveled to many of these countries, it is a sound that resonates so deeply within my spirit. And I feel once again, this is where I am to understand what it means to wander freely.