Aaron Yount

Cathy Sheeter
Cathy Sheeter



Guy Combes
Guy Combes is based in Kenya where he has been involved in management of tourist lodges while at the same time painting commissions and works for exhibition.

Dwayne Harty
For the past 30 years, painter Dwayne Harty has been drawn inspiration from wildlife and landscapes. He attended the Art Students League in New York, and became the first Blauvelt Museum Artist-in-Residence in 1994.

Geordie Millar
Geordie Millar studied at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Art and Design (both in New York City). He has exhibited throughout North America and Europe. Millar currently resides in New Brunswick, where he maintains a studio and teaches drawing.

Terry Miller
Terry Miller works exclusively in various grades of graphite, portraying textural contrasts of wood, stone, water, animal hide and other natural elements, to bring depth, dimension and emotion to his works.

Aaron Yount - Marijane Singer Artist-In-Residence

Aaron Yount, our 2012 selection, is an artist who works in a realistic style to depict wildlife and their habitats. Through his work, Aaron strives to establish an intimate connection between the viewer and his subjects. His residency will bring fresh appeal to the museum’s ongoing efforts to promote wildlife conservation and habitat protection.

Aaron has works in galleries and private collections throughout the United States. He is a member of the Society of Animal Artists, Illinois Art League, Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Parklands Foundation. Aaron participates in local and national group shows and has hosted several one-man shows - captivating audiences wherever his work is shown.

The Next Marijane Singer Artist-In-Residence

Cathy Sheeter Arriving, April, 2015

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